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This tutorial takes you step by step through the functionality available with the kit. You will need a browser that supports forms to use the tutorial. If you don't, you can go back to the main information page here.

Follow the instructions as to which images or buttons to click on. (If you don't, you may either receive an error message or have some of your changes ignored.)

The dissection kit has been translated into several languages, but this tutorial has not. You can use one of the menu settings on the dissection kit form to have the kit be in another language, but you will need to translate English names for parameter settings in the tutorial to the other language.

The following are pointers to different places within the tutorial. You can either pick one, and follow it all the way to the end, or else click on the "Tutorial Contents" link on that page to come back here. There are 12 help pages in the tutorial.

Tutorial Contents


Item #1: Image size

Item #2: Rotating the frog

Item #4: Removing and replacing organs

Item #7: Seeing an organ's name and function

Item #8: Using a different language

Item #10: Resetting to defaults

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