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This game tests your knowledge of the 3D spatial relationships between the organs in the frog. The game starts with an image of the nerves in the frog. The object is to build up the rest of the organs in the frog by selecting each organ and clicking on its correct position in the image.

Don't try this until you have used the dissection kit awhile and gotten a good idea of where the organs are. Building a frog can be harder than it looks.

The controls in the game form are similar to that of the dissection kit. To select an organ, click on its corresponding checkbox. The checkbox will be replaced by a red question mark, which indicates that that organ is in play. You must then click on the image where you think that organ goes. If you are successful, an image of the frog will be rendered that includes that organ, and the organ checkbox will be checked. Your score will be increased by 10 points.

If you are not successful, you will get back the image without that organ. Your score will be decreased by 2 points. The organ checkbox will remain a red question mark, indicating that it is still in play. If you want to try a different organ, just click on its checkbox. The red question mark will then appear next to it, and the previous organ in play will go back to being unchecked.

You will only be successful in placing an organ if that organ will be visible at the place you select, given the current arrangement of organs. Thus a major part of the game is making sure you leave the organs that will obscure other ones until last. For example, choosing the skeleton or liver first is not a good idea.

If you get stuck you have several options. You can delete some of the currently visible organs if you think they are obscuring the one you have currently selected. To delete an organ that you have already placed, just uncheck its checkbox.

Alternatively, you can click on the arrows control at the top of the frog to change the angle on the frog in the same way as in the dissection kit. The same organ will remain in play.

You can change the size of the image at any time. The larger size image is easier to use, but it will be slower if you have a slower network connection. If you are stuck you can enlarge the image, and then shrink it again once you have gotten past the hard part.

If you need hints, you can click on the Hints checkbox next to the organ checkboxes.

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