The Whole Frog and Virtual Frog pages have been consolidated under All non-statistics scripts have been combined into the dissect script. The tutorial portion is accessed via, and the game portion is accessed via /cgi-bin/dissect?game.

The default view of the frog is now the standard dissection view, with the ventral (bottom) surface up, and the nose facing upward.

The rotation controls have been combined into a compass-like control above the frog image. Clicking on an arrow turns the frog in that general direction. Clicking on the diamond in the middle flips the frog. The reset button has been moved above the frog image. The organ selection controls are now simulations of checkboxes, and clicking on a checkbox immediately adds or subtracts that organ. (At some point in the future everything will be converted to use Javascript, PHP, and CSS.) The "Skin" controls have been condensed into a single organ setting. "Cut away" is now the default for "Skin on".

Image file names are now better suited for caching. This should result in a much more responsive frog. Temporary files are cached longer, and many form submits will not result in a call to the rendering server.

There are now only two possible image sizes. The default size is 250x250, and the large size is 400x400. The control to change the size is to the upper right of the frog image ('+' maximizes, '-' goes back to default size).

Frog Builder Game

The process of adding a frog organ has been streamlined. Clicking on an organ checkbox to add an organ will turn that checkbox to a red question mark. Instead of having to re-check the organ every time an unsuccessful play was made, the game remembers the previous attempt until either a play is successful, at which point the checkbox will be checked, or another organ is attempted.

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Page last modified: 03/25/19
Contacts: Bill Johnston, David Robertson